• Birth Name: Uke Yutaka

    Kai in Shoxx Vol. 199

  • Position: Drums
  • Birth: October 1, 1981
  • Blood Type: B
  • Birthplace: Tokushima
  • Height: 175 cm (5ft 8")
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Foot Size: 27 cm
  • Ring Size: 19 cm
  • Family: Father, mother, he is the only child in the family and has no siblings.
  • Piercings: 2 on the left ear
  • Tobacco: Red Marlboro, but he quit a while ago
  • First Copied Song: Luna Sea - Jesus
  • Liked Type: A motherly person who will welcome me with "Welcome home!" when I return home.
  • Disliked Type: One who hides her character/ one who hides behind another person
  • Strong Point: Don't mind if he's bullied
  • Weak Point: Forgetfulness
  • Charming Point: His smile and his kindness.
  • Likes: Cooking, video games, mayonnaise, apple juice
  • What a girl can do to make him blush: "Blowing kisses and winking!"
  • Favorite Season: Winter, because of the holidays and snow
  • Previous Bands: La'DeathopiA, Mareydi†Creia
  • Message: "Our hearts are always as one!"
  • Quote: "I guess life isn't all that easy, meh. However, the harder life hits me down, the more I understand it. At first, everything looked so easy. And then... well if you have that kind of mindset, a lot will happen to you. You certainly cannot be a huge success every time you try and go for it so..."